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Amazon Shopping App apk Review

Amazon Shopping App apk Review, Customers area unit ready to search uncountable product on any of Amazon’s sites round the world from one app

The description of Amazon looking
Product options

  • Customers area unit ready to search uncountable product on any of Amazon’s sites round the world from one app
    *Use Alexa to assist you shop—just use your voice to look for product on Amazon, track your orders, and reorder your favorite things. faucet the mike icon and say “where’s my stuff?” to access open orders. Reorder product by spoken language “reorder paper towels” or “buy a lot of batteries”.
  • profit of 1-Click ordering, client support, Wish Lists, produce or notice a baby or wedding register, order chase, and more
  • Scan product barcodes and pictures to check costs and check convenience victimization Scan It
  • look at Gold Box Deals – as well as the Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals, and find mechanically notified once new deals become out there
  • Send and share links to product via email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and more
  • Sign-up for automatic cargo notifications to grasp once your order ships and arrives
  • get confidently, knowing that every one transactions area unit firmly processed

Product Description

The Amazon looking app enables you to search uncountable product and manage your Amazon orders from anyplace. Browse, search by department, compare costs, scan reviews, share product with friends, and check the standing of your orders.
Compare costs and convenience by typewriting in your search, scanning a barcode or a picture together with your camera, or victimization your voice. ne’er miss a manage easy accessibility to Lightning Deals and also the Deal of the Day. you’ll additionally sign-up for cargo notifications to grasp once your order ships and arrives. you’ve got full access to your go-cart, Wish Lists, payment and Prime shipping choices, Subscribe & Save order history, and 1-Click settings, rather like on the total Amazon.com site. All Amazon looking app purchases area unit routed through Amazon’s secure servers to encipher and safeguard your personal info.

Important Note concerning Permissions
Please note that the Amazon looking app needs access to the subsequent services to work properly:

  • Contacts: permits you to send Amazon gift cards to your contacts or invite to put in the Amazon app.
  • Camera: permits the Amazon app to access your camera on the device. you’ll use your camera to seek out product by scanning the duvet or its barcode, to feature gift cards and credit cards, or to feature footage within the product reviews.
  • Flashlight: permits the Amazon app to show on the electric lamp. you’ll use the electric lamp to seek out product with the camera feature even in low-light or dark conditions.
  • Microphone: permits the Amazon app to access your mike to use your voice to look and act together with your Assistant.
  • Location: permits the Amazon app to access your location to assist you discover native offers and choose addresses quick.
  • Account: permits you to share product on Amazon together with your friends and families through Facebook or different social networks.
  • Phone: permits the Amazon app to pre-populate the Amazon client Service variety on your phone’s input device.
  • Storage: permits the Amazon app to store your preferences in order that some options will load and run quicker on the device.
  • Wi-Fi: This permissions is employed once putting in place either a touch Button or Dash Wand victimization the Amazon looking app.

OS Requirements: needs humanoid OS four.4 or higher and a rear-facing camera. The Amazon App for Tablets is obtainable on Google Play. look for “Amazon Tablet” to put in the app and start looking.

Amazon Shopping  apk Reviews

I only allow notifications for calls, texts, and shipping/payment alerts across all apps. notifications mean my attention is truly needed. They apparently can’t afford to donate to smile if i don’t allow notifications recommending stuff I don’t plan to buy. I’ll keep checking out from my PC for now. Gives me time to think and decide not to buy things anyway.

I love shopping on Amazon & the app is pretty good. Only problem is that occasionally when I try to add something to my cart or buy it now on the mobile app it does neither no mater how hard I press on my phone. Also sometimes have problems when trying to see a picture larger. After clicking on it I suddenly get a message that image isn’t available. Other than that I’m really happy with Amazon. I especially love Amazon Smile. I wish they would incorporate it into an app. Thank you.

LOVE IT!!! I would like to add some requests for helpful updates. – An option of moving multiple items at once, to other lists. – Permitting kept wishlist items [image/details] visible from total disappearance if listing disappears; it reminds me of what was desired until it appears again. – An option to keep our default wishlist from accidentally being deleted. It happened once and I forgot everything I added to it. Please and thank you!!!

This app used to work real well, but the last month, or so, it hasn’t really worked. After about a minute of using it stalls and crashes. Is it the app or my phone? If I access it through Google, it does the same thing. If I access it through DuckDuckGo, it works just fine. I have a Moto X⁴ if that makes a difference.

My least favorite way to shop. App features include never actually finding exactly what I’m looking for unless someone wants THAT specific to found ON SALE. 2-day shipping is a lie, whether you pay for it or with prime. Someday my review won’t be an outlier. It will be the norm and it will be instantly deleted everywhere simultaniously by Alexa through the AWS platform. And even then, I still won’t be able to find what I need. -_-‘

Totally worthless in Australia. I haven’t been able to find a single thing on Amazon Australia that is actually cheaper than eBay or retail stores. It became even worse when Amazon decided to collude with the Australian Government and decided to ban Australians from purchasing from the overseas Amazon sites. This has resulted in higher than retail prices showing on Amazon Australia more often than not and is basically a price gouging platform for sellers to continue to rip off Australians.

Still hate this app and using the browser to access Amazon is way more comprehensive and detailed. This app is just useless at times. Their 2 day shipping is now just a bad joke. Ads claim 2 day shipping but takes 6 days to receive. Prime shipping is becoming pointless and that’s why I have prime, doubtful I’ll have it next year.

Recent update seems to have fixed issue noted in “Previous Review” below… for now. This badly needs an actual Change History section listing fixes etc. “What’s New” only has marketing hype. [Previous Review follows] :: Unusable for a few months now… tried several reinstalls, reboots, updates, cache purges, different phones. I search for product, select from list…. app just keeps refreshing over and over, never displays product. Have to use browser to shop amazon.

Play.google.com :- 
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