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What is auto insurance definition economics

What is auto insurance definition economics Hurricane season is winding down in hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S.Are still reeling from this year’s disasters and on the west coast that people are losing everything to massive wildfires that continue to rage out of control.Homeowners that have experienced natural disasters might be in for another disaster when they go to talk to their insurance companies.And I’m joined now by attorney Kim Adams to tell us what’s happening.What is auto insurance definition economics

Kim, you’ve handled hundreds and hundreds of these What is auto insurance definition economics types of cases for hurricane victims and it’s the same analysis that we’re going to see in California. What, what is it that most people really don’tget where it comes to this problem of insurance.So I think what most people don’t get is they don’t read their policy.They don’t understand their policy and they don’t realize that the language in their policy is going to severely limit their ability to
make a recovery.Um, I think one of the most important things that people miss from their policy, we can kind of get into a lot of the nuances with the language, but they miss how long; if you lose your home and you need to, you’re displaced.What is auto insurance definition economics

What is auto insurance definition economicswith your family when you need to be able to afford to uproot and move to a place to live in and people don’t realize that either their coverage doesn’t cover that at all or it’s limited in the amount of coverage or thirdly that their insurance carriers not telling them the truth about what they’re entitled to.

So, so what actually is more involved even in that, because you’re typically only haveWhat is auto insurance definition economics
what, 24 months. Is that a typical kind of a. Well, not even that. Yeah, I’ve seen them as low as six months
that you have to react. Somebody reading a policy and really putting some demands on the policy is going to say
I want 24 months, it’s going to cost a little bit more, but even 24 months might not be enough because you’re displaced, right? Then you have to build a home and to build a, you know you’re displaced, couldn’t be as much as a year.

Then you’re having to build a home.Very seldom are you going to be able to build
it in that year. So that problem comes up.Now here, let’s add to this. California insurance industry in California
last $16 to $18 billion last year, right? They, this is an industry that they’re not used to paying money out there.They’re actuarials tell them we need to make more money and we make it by holding onto it.




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