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Carrom Champion Apk: Top Free in Games 2019 Android Apks Review

Throw a striker and put a coin into the hole.
You win the match when you put red coins and your coins into the hole.

[What is Carrom]
– The goal of the game is putting all coins (Carrom men) on the board into the hole.
– If you put your own coins (Carrom men) successfully, your turn of attack will stay on you.
– With every win, the Queen receives three additional points.

– Enjoy various situations in countless stages.
– 2 items that help the player’s gameplay supported
– The classic mode which complies with the basic Carrom rules supports single and pair mode.
– Multiplayer mode: compete with other players.
– 16 languages supported
– Leaderboard and Achievement supported.
– Tablet devices supported.

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Dinesh Babbal

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Somasundaram Balakrishnan

Indian game so it behooves me to get really good at it while having fun, it is like pool in a way !! SO COOL 😎👍👌

A Google user

great app for carrom player. awsome game very addictive and time killing thumbs up

Play.google.com :-   Carrom Champion 2019 Android Apps Apks install Now

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