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FIFA Soccer apk Review

After FIFA fifteen, FIFA sixteen and FIFA seventeen, Ea Sports developed a brand new football game game- FIFA Mobile football game. you’ll be able to build and manage your football game team and operate everything on the mobile as a result of FIFA Mobile football game is specially designed for mobile. In Attack Mode, challenge others. In Leagues, play with friends. Meanwhile, get everyday latest content and take a look at a completely new approach to squad building.

Halloween special.

If you furthermore may relish taking part in FIFA Mobile football game, excellent news is that the sport is currently formally running its Scream Team Hallowe’en program. you’ll be able to earn Trick and Treat Tokens once finishing Scream Team Live Events, notice Halloween-themed Players things, and so complete Plans to unlock a special edition Master Elite Player item. simply anticipate the new edition to return.


  1. Quick, Fun and Accessible

Gameplay is totally re-imagined within the artistic Attack Mode. Quick, exciting, turn-based matches can have you ever taking part in solely your team’s assaultive possibilities for every 0.5, before passing the sport to your opponent to try to to identical.

  1. Tell the Story of the soccer World

If it happens within the universe, you’re possible to expertise it in FIFA Mobile. Live Events deliver new and contemporary content daily supported stories and matches happening round the globe. Quick, fun mini-games reward you with themed Tokens to redeem without charge players and packs.

  1. be part of a Team, Conquer the planet

No one will win alone. Then be part of a team is critical. be part of your friends’ team or people round the world. contend for bragging rights in inter-league Championships, complete cooperative league achievements, or take your skills and play against different leagues round the world. Climb the leaderboard and prove you’ll be able to conquer the planet of soccer.

  1. Your final Team Expands

A new approach to assembling your squad allows you to produce a much bigger and deeper club, offers a simplified methodology to spice up your players and provides you a much better expertise to manage UN agency is on the pitch. keep tuned throughout the season to search out distinctive and exciting ways in which to create your club higher.

  1. unequalled credibleness

With over thirty leagues, 650 teams, and 17000 players, FIFA Mobile is that the most authentic soccer expertise obtainable on-the-go. Play with all of your favorite stars and immerse yourself within the world of football!


  1. is that the game offline?

The game wants web association perhaps network fees apply.

  1. will kids Play the Game?

The game contains direct links to the net and social networking sites meant. it’s appropriate for associate audience over thirteen. folks ought to notice this.

FIFA Soccer apk Review

Really different from Fifa 14,15 and 16 base on my experience. But tbh this Fifa kind of version is okay. it’s quick, well supposed to but the server is really not good imo. Keep loading and then the connection issue pop up. EA this game is your main priority and you should make the server better. anyway, it is a good quick Football and collecting players(cards) for you to make your ultimate team. Cheers

2. best game ever I played the best engine it wants 78kb PS and it works in 1gb ram best game. I like this so much but only thing is laging in 1gb ram and the update before it I have 98 OVR TEam . and it’s graphics are good but the version before is good because no lag in 1gb ram. plz solve this problem.

3.The best football game out there. Graphics are amazing (at the best settings), very well designed gameplay. A few minor problems such as camera angles of replays not getting the best parts of the goal, sometimes not even showing the net (plz fix!). However, complaints about not being able to do well in this game without paying are unjustified. It is possible to get a great team (95 ovr+) without spending a single penny. Yeah it’s going to be a bit grindy, but it’s possible and still very fun.

Seriously dude! Too many bugs and issues. Now can’t open the TOTY contents (attacker/midfielder/defence). Your game platform is so big but still we have to deal with too many issues. You guys have to do something about it or else you’ll loose your players and your rating will keep decreasing.

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