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Google to redirect old Search Console reports

As we tend to reportable last month, Google is sunsetting some reports among the previous Google Search Console. Google proclaimed that a lot of of those reports can direct from the previous to the new Google Search Console on Gregorian calendar month thirteen.

What is changing? The previous Google Search Console is somewhat redundant to the new Google Search Console, and Google desires to cut back duplicative efforts of maintaining 2 similar reports. Specifically the Search Analytics, Links to Your web site, Internal Links, Manual Actions, Mobile Usability and Index standing reports square measure all aiming to direct to the new Google Search Console equivalents. for instance, the Search Analytics report can direct to the Performance report.

The notice. There square measure 2 notices after you visit one in every of these previous Google Search Console report. One in red at the highest of the page and one appear within the middle of the page. Here is one example:

Why do you have to care? Google aforesaid it’s presently solely removing reports that have replacements within the recreate of the Google Search Console. In some cases that will mean you wish to be told a way to use a replacement report or modification your daily routine and begin victimization the new report over the previous one. however overall, Google aforesaid you ought to be able to get the information you wish from the new reports. it’ll simply take a touch of your time to be told a way to use them.

You need to urge up to hurry on these new reports by Gregorian calendar month thirteen.

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