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How To Audit & Validate (AMP) 2019

This tutorial walks you thru however you’ll be able to use the Screaming Frog SEO Spider to audit Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) quickly and expeditiously. The SEO Spider uses the official AMP validator to permit bulk validation of URLs.

To get started, you’ll ought to transfer the SEO spider that is free in fat-free kind, for up to five hundred URLs. you’ll be able to transfer via the buttons within the hand facet bar. travel AMP URLs via the rel=”amphtml” link tag, needs paid access. However, you’ll be able to transfer a listing of AMP URLs within the free version and analyse and validate them in addition.

The SEO Spider can realize AMP URLs, report on common SEO problems and validate them by checking on needed hypertext mark-up language mark-up, prohibited hypertext mark-up language parts as per the specifications and additional.

You have 2 choices to analyse and validate AMP, that you’ll be able to skip to the relevant section by clicking on your preference below –

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