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How to Rank Your Article on the First Page of Google

How to Rank Your Article on the First Page of Google,The next thing you need to do is use Ahrefs. type in your competitor URL and go see who links to them Hit up all of those people and ask them for a link. example, you can send them a short mail saying, John, I noticed you’re linking to X, Y, and Z site. you have a similar article that came out,but mine covers 1, 2, and three =that their article didn’t. Feel free to check it out here,And if you like and link to it. Cheers, Neil. leaving an mail like that to other people leave to you competitors will cause more links back to you. If you send 100 of should get roughly 5,man linking back to you.If you don’t get 5 linking back to you, that means the mail you sending is to irrelevant people that shouldn’tbe linking to you in the first place. The next thing you’ll want to do is. be patient.You’re not gonna rank right Away.That page, after it was put up, it took a year and a half before it popped onto the 1st page.You gotta be patient and continually update it, provide more value, make it prettier design. But as long as you’re keeping everything uptodate And you’re patient,Eventually you’ll notice that your rankings will climb.Mine went from being in the top 1000 to top hundred, to page 5, to page 4,to three, to 2, and eventually page one.It was a slow, gradual build.And here’s the last tip for you,and this is what mostpeople don’t tell you whenit comes to ranking. If you have 2 sites,General Motors and BMW,they both have a lot of links,they both have billions of dollars to spend on SEO and marketing.So how does Google know which oneto rank higher for car related terms?.It’s brand related.If Google noticed that more people are searching for BMW over General Motors.what are they gonna do? They’re gonna start ranking BMW higher ’cause they have a bigger brand. Now So if you want your articles and your site to rank higher for not just competitive terms. but for everything that you doing,you need to build a brand.Write site posts, do a podcast,create videos like this.
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