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How To Save/Export WhatsApp Chat as PDF 2019

How to Save Whatsapp Chats as PDF?
So typically, if you have got a language on Whatsapp, that you simply need to store as PDF that you’ll be able to open or scan offline or access in your convenient time, however you don’t skills this may be truly possible? affirmative, it will be done and you simply got to have a touch of patience through the method. Then, you’ll be able to continually scan your bae’s chat history anytime you’d like.

Apps required for commerce Whatsapp chat as PDF
WPS Office
the way to Export Whatsapp Chat As PDF?
Open your required chat that you would like to export and click on the dot within the higher top-right corner.

Click More
Click Email Chat (Without Media as a result of it takes time to export media files)
Select while not Media
Choose your email app and send to your own email.

Open your email
Download the connected txt file.
Open the txt file with WPS workplace.
Click Tools >> Export To PDF

Set your saving path and you’re done!
You have your Whatsapp chat currently exported as PDF that you’ll be able to use for any purpose you would like.

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