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How to Turn Off Windows Update in Windows 10

How to Turn Off Windows Update in Windows 10.Windows Update may be a feature that mechanically checks and supply updates for our laptop.

But generally it is such a giant pain that you simply need to show it off.

Here are three easy-to-follow ways you’ll try and stop Windows update in Windows ten.

Try these ways
You may not must attempt all the ways (methods 1-3) to disable Windows Update on your Windows 10; simply work your approach down the list till you discover the one that works for you.

1.Disable the Windows Update Service
2.Meter your local area network network
3.Change cluster Policy Settings
4.Bonus tip: Update your device drivers via Driver straightforward

Method 1: Disable the Windows Update Service
Method a pair of is just about obvious. By disabling the Windows Update Service, Windows can stop checking for updates, thence economical you the wished Windows updates. To do so:

1) On your keyboard, press the Windows brand key and R at an equivalent time. Then copy & paste services.msc into the box and click on OK.

2) Scroll right down to rock bottom, find and double-click on Windows Update.

3) In Startup type, select Disabled, then click > Stop ( make sure the word Stop is grayed out) > Apply > OK.

4) Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Method 2: Meter your wireless fidelity network
If you’re mistreatment wireless fidelity network, then technique a pair of can simply do the trick. By metering your Wi-fi network, Windows can mechanically take it that you’re on a restricted information set up (even if you aren’t) and stop forcing Windows updates on your laptop. Here’s how:

1) On your keyboard, press the Windows brand key, kind wireless fidelity and click on modification Wi-Fi settings.

2) Click on the name of your Wifi connection.

3) Toggle the Set as metered connection switch On.

4) Hopefully it solves your woes and you won’t see another ‘unsolicited’ Windows update on your laptop.

Method 3: Change Group Policy Settings

Note that Method 3 works in Windows Pro, Enterprise, and ProfessionalEXCEPT Windows Home as it doesn’t have group policy.

1) On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and R at the same time, then type gpedit.msc into the box and click OK.

3) Double-click on Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components.

4) Double-click on Windows Update > Configure Automatic Updates.

5) Choose Disabled, and then click Apply > OK.

It’s recommendable to select Enabled and Notify for downloads and auto install (see below) so that you can always get a confirmation message instead of an auto update (meanwhile still keeping a watchful eye for an important Windows update). Also, you might need to select Enabled if you are to upgrade your Windows to a higher version.

6) Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

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