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LIKE Video -Magic Video Maker & Community 2019 Android Apps Apks

This is the Magic video maker & community that youths round the world square measure twiddling with. Time to indicate your creativeness with 300+ distinctive camera work, one bit to get pleasure from the Sci-Fi effects with “Superpower”, “Flying”, “Time Travel”, and “Lilliput”. be part of the world’s largest community with Special Magic Effects video maker, play with a lot of social influencers round the world, and discovery one thing new each day! With LIKE, most are a Magician!

  1. distinctive Music Magic filter
    The worldwide distinctive technology recognition of music rhythm,various wonderful result are going to be shown per the modification of tone, intonation and volume. victimisation this filter, you’ll be able to combine music and magic result along swimmingly, so as to form a dynamic music comedy in one minute.
  2. Acting & Lipsync
    LIKE have collected million of dialogue materials all round the world. you’ll be able to develop into the protagonist of your favorite moving-picture show in one second,sharing your acting skills and happy to the folks all round the world.
  1. distinctive 4D magic all round the world
    The worldwide 1st technology foreground and background segmentation perform and body edge recognition perform, which might assist you notice many various impact like Rocket,Pass-Through, Lilliput,etc. what is a lot of, you’ll be able to switch into completely different scene swimmingly with over twenty sorts of seem and disappear impact.
  2. The world’s neatest technology “superpowers”
    Control rain, snow, thunder, fire, and even earth through easy body movements. The world’s 1st tool to form magic videos: through the leading technology of body action recognition + self-learning AI algorithmic program model, we tend to complete the innovative video-recording with gesture & movement management of lighting tricks.
    Unlike post-editing tools, you’ll be able to win ten kinds of superpowers by gesture & movement. What you see is what you get! One bit to finish the superpowers video, and become supernatural. Time for you to be cool and fun!

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