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How To Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 Face unlock

How To Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 Face unlock,Samsung Galaxy A7 | Face unlock

Samsung Galaxy A7 – Enable Face Unlock

Phone: Samsung Galaxy A7
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Enable Face

To enable Face Unlock, go into Settings – My device – Lock screen – Screen lock.

Then select Face unlock. From here you will be required to look at the phone via the front facing camera. It is usually better to do this during the day when the lighting is better, although the phone will guide you through the process.

Setting up and Access Point Name (APN) for browsing with 3G


Normally you can simply insert a SIM card and you will be able to browse the internet using 3G. Sometimes, this must be setup manually however. Before you start, you will need to ask your carrier or Telco for your APN settings.

Once you have those, go to Settings – Connections – More networks – Mobile networks – Access Point Names.

From here press the Plus sign at the top right and select New APN. Then fill in the details your carrier gave you. Then press the menu button and press Save.

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